10 Lottery Playing Tips for Florida’s Daily Fantasy 5 Lottery Game


Even the Florida 5/36 Matrix Fantasy 5 Lottery Game is amongst the very best lottery bets you can create anywhere. The probability of matching all 5 winning numbers from the next Fantasy 5 drawing are 1 in 376,992. The probability of matching 4 winning numbers will be 1 in 2,432 and the likelihood of fitting 3 of 5 winning numbers will be in 81.07. Top Fantasy 5 prize winners over the previous 5-years have won as much as $350,000 in a single drawing and, on those days when there have been not any top trophy winners, players that matched 4 of 5 winning amounts have won just as far as $1,150 in one drawing. Players who fit 3 winning numbers on average win $10, and those players who match 2 of 5 winning numbers win a free Fantasy 5 ticket for the next winning.

Lottery games such as Florida’s Fantasy 5 are based on a matka result random selection of numbers. It’s not possible for any individual or any computer software to predict that numbers will probably be drawn in the next drawing. It’s for this simple fact alone that you shouldn’t waste your money on lottery software, lottery wheels or other lottery plans like those encouraged all around the world wide web. Most self described lottery”pros” selling such lottery services and products all advise against playing lottery terminal generated”quick picks”. Fact of the matter is that of each of the Fantasy 5 jackpot tickets over the last 5years (3,989 jackpot tickets), almost 50% were”quick picks” (1,971″quick-pick” Jack Pot tickets)

The most effective ways to improve your odds of winning 3, 4 and 5 number Fantasy 5 cash prizes would be to identify, select and play with those number combinations which have been attracted more frequently during a lengthy period of time than the number mixes that have been attracted over precisely the same time frame. In other words, play the proven percentages.

A great resource that identifies the 2, 3, 4 and 5 number winning number combinations of 1,825 Florida Fantasy 5 drawings from July 16, 2001 (the beginning date of the 5/36 Matrix Fantasy 5 match ) during July 1-5, 2006 is your”Florida Fantasy 5 Lottery Facts Report”, which is offered in [http://www.freefantasy5lotterytips.com] for $12.95. The”Report” was published by BESTRACS Consulting, LLC, a company that has compiled all the Florida Fantasy 5 winning number combinations for that past 5-years. Even the”Report” includes simple to learn tables that accurately depict the range of times each of the 36 numbers was drawn over the 5-year span; so the range of times each of the 36 amounts was attracted in each of the 5 positions of the winning number combinations (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position); the range of times each potential 2-number combination (each possible set ) was attracted; all-the 3-number combinations that”struck” 7 or even more times across the 5-year period; all the 4-number combinations that”hit” 3 or 3 times across the 5-year period; high/low along with odd/even winning number combination ratios; additional winning number mix proportions and much more.

The”Report” will not automatically let you know which numbers or number combinations to engage in does it suggest any definitive lottery playing strategy or the quantity of money to play it only represents the real trends of their winning number combinations and number routines across the 5-year period and calculations derived from.
The”Report” also includes the winning number combinations from July 16, 2006 through the conclusion of the majority of current previous week as of the date that the”Report” is ordered.

1. Play 3-odd/2-even or 2-odd/3-even 5-number mixes. Such odd/even combinations jointly”hit” a total of 1,208 days over the 5-year span (compatible a 66.19percent winning percentage).

2. Play 3-low (numbers 1 through 18)/2-high (amounts 19-36) and/or 2-low/3-high 5-number combinations. Such combinations collectively”hit” a total of 1,226 times over the 5-year span (compatible a 67.18% winning percentage).

3. Play number pairs which”hit” usually within the 5-year period (i.e.”2-35″) along with other amounts which”hit” frequently and with”long shot” amounts.

4. Play consecutive number pairs which”hit” frequently within the 5-year period (i.e.”30-31″) along with your other amounts.

5. Don’t play 5-number combinations that”hit” before on the 5-year period of time. Just two of the exact combinations replicated on the 5-year span.

6. Do not play exactly the identical 4-number mixes repeatedly. Just 3 2 4-number mixtures continued more than two times over the 5-year interval.

7. No such 5-consecutive number blends”hit” on the 5-year span.

8. Don’t play”all odd number” or even”all even number” mixes. “All peculiar variety” mixes”hit” only 55 times across the 5-year span (a 96.99percent losing percentage) and also”all even number” mixes”hit” only 49 times across the 5-year period (a 97.32% losing percentage).

9. Do not play”all minimal number” (1 through 18) or even”all high number” (19 through 3-6 ) combinations. “All low number” mixes”hit” just 41 times across the 5-year span (a 97.75% losing percent ) and”all lot” mixes”hit” only 42 times over the 5-year period (a 97.70percent losing percent ).

10. Always add a few”quick picks” in together with your daily Fantasy 5 plays.