Movie Review: Unstoppable – An Exhilarating Film!


The fact that with its one-liner of a premise, Unstoppable ran a risk of being a really unexciting ride makes the final result more thrilling than what it really is. Tony Scott’s high-octane thriller, is as straight as an arrow but thanks to his trademark camerawork and frenetic editing becomes an exhilarating film.

Unstoppable Story

With just two dots to join, there is hardly anything challenging about Unstoppable’s plot- a moronic train driver tells his conductor to worry about the airbrakes when they reach their destination and then gets off the engine to manually switch the tracks but the train cruises past the oversized individual. Apparently, an unmanned train crisscrossing the tracks is a common thing and they even have a term, ‘coaster’, for it. But things get worse when everyone realizes that the coaster is actually a runaway train that has suddenly hit the speed of 50 miles per hour. What’s worse, the train has five carriages of highly toxic chemical that puts small town Americana in danger. What follows, are the heroics of a veteran engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young conductor (Chris Pine) with a little help from supervisor Connie (Rosario Dawson), who run their engine in reverse to latch on to the runaway train from behind in order to slow it down and save lives.

Watching Unstoppable’s trailer is as good as watching the film for there’s nothing more to the film but keeping that in mind Scott manages to craft a pretty engaging film where you want to know what’s going to happen next. An old hand at adrenalin laden films like Top Gun, Days of Thunder Founder, Spy Game, Man on Fire, Domino, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 and the likes Scott’s film are all drawn from the same blueprint and this time around he manages to dance on the thinnest of ice and manages to make something of almost nothing.

Final Words on Unstoppable

The characters are one-dimensional and suffer the hardships that such prototypes endure, the situations are run of the mill to the extent of hilarity and everything goes according to plan. Washington’s relaxed and makes you believe this is a regular day at work, Pine’s the regular misunderstood white boy and Dawson’s mouthing lines which are expected from someone who takes on her greedy suit wearing boss. Unstoppable’s action sequences induce a rush and who doesn’t love an old fashioned locomotive!